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Competitive Strategy

When Competitive Strategy was first published eighteen years ago, I hoped that it would have an impact. There were reasons to hope, because the book rested on a body of research that had stood the test of peer review, and the draft chapters had survived the scrutiny of my MBA and executive students. The reception of the book and the role it has played in launching a new field, however, exceeded my most optimistic expectations. Most business school students around the world are exposed to the ideas in the book, invariably in core courses on policy or strategy, but often in specialized elective courses on competitive strategy and also in fields such as economics, marketing, technology management, and information systems. Practitioners in both large and small companies have internalized the ideas, as I learn from numerous thoughtful letters, personal conversations, and now E-mails. Most strategic consultants use the ideas in the book, and entire firms have emerged to assist companies in employing them. Budding financial analysts must read the book prior to certification.

Name of the book: Competitive Advantage

Author: Michael E.Porter

Language: English

Book format: PDF

Number of Pages: ۴۲۲

File size: ۴ MB

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